Who are we?

    Quince started out in 2018, as a clothing brand aimed at providing quality clothing in premium cotton fabric for the urban woman who strives for both comfort and style. Fashion is known to be one of the most exploitative industries in the world for both people and the planet. It has been designed to create wealth for a select few, while the vast majority of fashion workers pay the price. Big brands drive over production and focus on lowering prices leading to lower wages for those at the bottom of the pyramid. These days Fast Fashion - lower quality clothing - worn fewer times - more un-recyclable textile going to waste - is the name of the game.

    Our Mission

    Quince started with a mission to break this destructive cycle and rethink how we do business, even if it meant lower profits. For starters, we reduced our batch sizes to avoid dead stock and did business only with manufacturers who pay fair wages to their workers (as hard as it might be). As we evolved we started to explore materials and processes that are planet friendly and adopted a zero-waste approach (each scrap of textile is used) - which helped us expand our product portfolio from clothing to accessories.

    Our Vision

    During our journey we also met like minded makers, designers and small businesses who share our ethos of honest, inclusive and climate-just products and were facing the same challenges we as a small brand faced. Rather than competing, we decided to be a springboard for them so that we can collectively deliver a larger impact. Quince is rapidly evolving into a maker-led platform where you can find garments, accessories and homeware from reclaimed and eco-friendly raw materials.

    The Quince Store

    For the first four years of our existence, Quince was an online only platform. However, we always felt the need to physically meet our clientele - to know them better and to give them a first hand feel of the products. This desire led us to open our first physical store in Delhi-NCR region in 2023.

    The Quince store is a collaborative space showcasing our own ethically made products as well as the wares of other designer-makers who value climate justice and fairness. You can visit the store and shop for apparel, accessories, and homewares from reclaimed materials made by talented makers and designers from all parts of India.

    Locate Our Store

    Address : Quince R4/132, 1st Floor M3M URBANA, Sector 67 Gurgaon 122102
    Contact Number : +91 9794278737
    Email ID : thequincelife@gmail.com

    Meet Our Founder

    Pallavi Jain comes with a vast experience in the textile industry. Born in Jaipur, Pallavi has spent years honing her knowledge through her family business of Sanganeri Screen printing. Since the beginning, Pallavi has had a sharp eye for fashion and detail and was heading the print conceptualization and design segment in the business. Pallavi also acquired knowledge of the garment manufacturing business during her stint with ECOS Global, a Garment manufacturer and exporter.

    She has a strong empathy with the environment and her deep concern about the ecological impact of fast fashion led her to conceptualize The Quince Life, a brand that strives for circularity and climate justice as well as ensuring that the fashion industry stakeholders across the supply chain are adequately rewarded through balanced pay structures.